Beberapa Lagu yang Bikin Semangat Menulis


This is my playlist 1 and a half months while i’m writing to fight days with love, banality, resentment, and thankful, of course.
1. Godspeed You! Black Emperror
Moya, Blaisey Bailey Finnegan III, Rocket Fall On Rocket Falls, Mother Fucker=Redeemer, Storm, Antennas To Heaven, Terribble Canyon Of Static
2. Radiohead
Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Reckoner, 2+2=5
3. Pure Saturday
Coklat, Utopian Dream, Di Bangku Taman, Spoken, Labyrinth, Lighthouse, Albatross
4. Mono
Are You There?, Dream Oddysey, Silent Flight Sleeping Down, Everlasting Light, Unseen Harbor
5. Sigur Ros
Varaeldur, Fjogur Piano
6. The Stone Roses
I am The Resurrection
7. Mukti-Mukti Mimessis Soul
Matahari, Surat Kepada D, Revolution Is Atau Menitip Mati
#Np Terribble Canyon Of Static

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